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thinspo :)
25th-Feb-2017 06:49 pm - Hello!
Just wanting to introduce myself somehow. After years of essentially not caring and/or people ordering me around, I want to do what I want for a change. My therapist said that 95 wouldn't be bad for my build, and I took this statement in comfortingly. We talk a lot about weight, her and I. Anyway, I'm looking for a sense of community, I guess.

So, hello. =)
7th-Feb-2017 05:31 pm - Buddy
I am huge since having my baby and I am looking for someone to help motivate me to lose weight. I've struggled for years with weight With my highest being 151 right before I had my baby and my lowest being like 97. I used to be able to be so strict with it but I've lost some of that drive and I'm looking for a friend with a shared enthusiasm for thinness who wants to trade tips and texts to motivate and encourage each other. Message me please
22nd-Dec-2016 04:39 am - I miss being thin
I miss the old me that would eat super healthy and small portions and feel full. I miss running for miles and not obsessing over food. At least I saved myself nearly 4,000 calories today in the form of donuts, cookies, pie, and chips. I spit it all out and only ate about 800 cals of bananas, oats, and vegetables, so probably around 1,000 with the few bites of food I swallowed. It didn't really make me feel better to swallow. Chewing and spitting is actually so satisfying, it feels just like I ate it. I can't wait to wear pretty things again.
16th-Aug-2015 11:53 am - Tired if being the fat friend
And fat wife. And fat evetything. And so I've bought some raspberry ketone pills. I guess we will see. I am going to start tomorrow. I'll weigh myself in tomorrow in the AM and then go from there until the bottle is gone. Wish me luck... xx

no title

no title
4th-Aug-2011 03:34 am - i am who i am...
i've known who i am all along
it's everyone else who's told me wrong
made me fight it
made me doubt it
but you can't break me down
i always come back around
i can't forget her
i can't reject her
i must become her once again
i was unfaithful to my best friend

please, take me back
make me beautiful

i'm crawling back
please, help me
31st-Mar-2011 04:43 pm - Natasha Gregson Wagner
stunningCollapse )
x posted to: ____eyecandy, pro_ana_nation, xxthinspoxx & thinspiredesire.
31st-Mar-2011 04:20 pm - Hey Ladies...
I assume it's all ladies here, usually is in these pro-ed communities ;)

I used to be on facebook everyday for about 3 years, during this time I had a bad relationship with food but assumed it was a side-effect of my depression, now the depression is under control but food is still an issue, binging and purging most mornings.

My dentist noticed that my teeth are already being effected, needless to say I won't be going back there anytime soon.

Now I'm an au pair In france, so I'm alone in the house from 8am - 7pm and then saying I've already eaten when the family gets home.

So all I need now is some good thinspo to keep me on track, and I figured livejournal was the best way to go ;)

Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi xxx

X posted to: thispiredesire, pro_ana_nation, ____eyecandy & xxthinspoxx
13th-Mar-2011 01:14 pm - mag scans and diet tips

April 2011 scans..
models featured in 70’s remix photos..
Adriana Lima
Aline Weber
Anja Rubik
Delfine Bafort
Karolina Kurkova
Raquel Zimmermann
Izabel Goulart
Karlie Kloss
Eniko Mihalik
Anna de Rijk
Hind Sahli
Crystal Renn
Tasha Tilberg
click here to read post..
also on this post is supermodel diet tips
to keeping lean and body tight.

5th-Feb-2011 05:42 pm - Ana Mia Tips
www.pro-thinspo.com/gallery62.html This page had some great Ana Tips..
1: Water water water. Drink up ladies, it's filling, hydrating and satisfying. I find
the more I drink, the more I lose.

2: Diary. Keep a diary of your weight, goals, moods etc. This really helps.

3: Exercise. It's SO important to exercise. Even 10 minutes a day is better than

4: Watch others eat. All that slurping and chewing. You may find it grosses you
26th-Jan-2011 06:20 pm(no subject)

Okay Prothinspoer’s here is some random thinspiration first off on the
page is
Vanessa Hudgens as the Candies Girl for 201, she looks
amazing as usual.
Ana Beatriz Barros bikini pictures for Cia Maritima her
body is amazing!
Mini Anden a Victoria’s Secret model and actress great
photos of her and
Jamie Chung kicked off 2011 with these amazing
pictures from Complex magazine, featuring the Korean-American
Click here. Be sure to refresh, click here.

25th-Jan-2011 12:35 am - Hunger Control Tips
Pears - A couple of pears will eliminate your cravings for
sweets and help make your body to feel full. Rich in Pectin,
Boron, Vitamin C, Folic acid and Calcium a Pear can be your
best friend. Eat plenty of raw apples and cabbage as well. An
abundance of pectin and fiber in these foods will enhance
rapid fat burning by the body. Your body will be getting
energy from existing fat and not have an overwhelming urge
to eat and replace the nutrition. www.pro-thinspo.com/gallery56.html
19th-Jan-2011 10:36 pm(no subject)
i HATE my biffle sometimes.
he made me feel guilty about what i was doing cause he's the only one who knows.
so i made noodles,...
a whole days progress ruined in less than 5 minutes.
i purged some.. but it prolly didnt help.
im crying.
now my throat hurts.
i DONT want to go back to
showering every night just to purge..
it was the worst ever.
i constantly had a sore throat.
but it was SOOO worth it..
dad's party saturday...
fingers crossed for no eating til monday atleast.
19th-Jan-2011 01:55 pm(no subject)

any tips for getting my madre off my
back for eating?

_thin is in ladies :*
11th-Jan-2011 01:32 pm - curvy and bones
Victoria secret models runway photos...page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
9th-Jan-2011 05:22 pm - prothinspo

Click here for Real Girl Body Parts..
Click here for Real Girl 1,
Click here for
Real Girl 2,
Click here for  Real Girl 3
Click here for Real Boys....


Real Girl thinspiration .. click here.


photos of anorexic models, you pick a part ribs etc.
click here to see these pics even boney butts.



Click here for a huge gallery of real girl thinspiration...

Male and female thinspiration it is Unisex thinspo at its best, click here for tons of body parts
and tips


Real girl flat belly photos and cleansing and detox tips, click here

2nd-Nov-2010 12:24 am(no subject)

I created a community for low calorie foods and drinks, if you can even spare a few minutes, throw a recipe on there and I am sure someone will appreciate it as it will help them with their weight loss meal plans.
Take care and thanks :)
29th-Sep-2010 01:51 pm(no subject)
sorry for the lack of updates as iv been busy due to college. big thinspo post: thinspo xoxCollapse )
14th-Jul-2010 02:13 am - it's great to be back.<3 support?!
hey everyone. it's been a while since i've been on here, so let me introduce myself. i'm katie, i just turned sixteen years old.

height: 5'7
current weight: ?
lowest weight: 113
highest weight: 169
goal weight: 100

so i developed anorexia almost a year ago. i lost over 50 pounds until my mom forced me to go to therapy. let me tell you right now, that was the worst thing i have ever, ever done. they did nothing but lie to me. tell me that i'll get better, feel better and healthier if i eat more. so i listened to them, i thought "hey, i've got nothing to lose, right?" so i ate. and ate. and ate. that's when i developed a bingeing problem. i would binge on huuuge amounts of food and then starve to make up for i the next day, only causing myself to binge again. i couldn't control it. then i just started eating a lot on a regular basis. and i've gained so much weight. i haven't weighed myself since i was still dealing with the disorder, and i'm afraid to. so much. i'm going to tomorrow, and i'll keep you all posted. </3 i don't fit into my size 2 jeans anymore, and my size 0 shorts are tight on me. i've been nothing but miserable and fat and ugly anymore. i can't even look in the mirror anymore, literally. isn't that horrible? i refuse to wear a bathing suit.  i'll do anything in the world to get that feeling of control. that satisfying feeling of hunger in my stomach. the emptiness and satisfaction i felt when i ate less than everyone else at the dinner table. i'll do anything to have that back. anything in the world. i know with the strength of all you girls i can do it. tomorrow will be a new day, and i'm excited to start my fast. i'll keep everyone posted, i definitely need all the support i can get right now. starting is the hardest part.

stay strong everyone!
xoxo katie. <3
14th-Jan-2010 04:05 pm - New
New to this community; I bring some of my favorite thinspo- image heavy: Read more...Collapse )
11th-Jan-2010 02:54 pm(no subject)
 Hey everyone (1st time posing here!) 
so how is everyone?
14th-Nov-2009 10:36 am(no subject)
this is my first day fasting
need support
9th-Nov-2009 03:32 am - pro ana buddy

im looking for someone i can email back and forth with daily (or just about) i will give u my stats once u email me. im very nice and just want someone to talk/comepete with . my email is crystal611@tmail.com
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